Content Minis

Your content,

just smaller.

What we do at Content Minis

Our team specializes in micro-content creation for repurposing existing videos or live streams. You have great content, but some people may never see it because it's buried in a longer video. The last thing you want to do is to go through your long videos to extract individual clips and create extra content, but we want to!

Here at Content Minis, we take your finished live streams, video podcasts, or videos and create micro-content so that you can share snippets for social media or other video sites.

That 4-hour long YouTube Q&A session you just did? We create individual videos for each Q&A so you have many pieces of content to publish, each with a specific answer to a question someone may be looking for.

Who Content Minis works best for

  • Busy content creators who want to create more content to post on social media or video sites

  • Creators who are overwhelmed with trying to "keep up" with creating content for social media sites

  • Creators who have long-form video podcasts or create long live streams

  • Brands and businesses who don't have the time to devote to creating content because they are running their business each day

  • Creators who want to outsource additional video creation but don't want the hassle of hiring and screening video editors

  • Check out our FAQ section for more information

Select your customer agreement

At Content Minis, you can select the option to go month-to-month or select a quarterly agreement which locks in a special customer loyalty discount!

New customer Onboarding meeting

After you've selected your customer agreement, our team will schedule a 30 minute orientation with you to cover your onboarding. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to our meeting that will outline some basic questions and expectations. We will also chat about your preferred types of content output and social media priorities.

Upload your files

We will verify that we have access to your Google Drive and folders for both source material, brand assets, and output file locations.

Video and Asset creation

Based on source materials and customer preferences, our team will start working on getting your videos output into new materials for you.

File approvals

Your editor will upload new materials to your specified Google Drive destination for review. If revision requests are needed, you can communicate with your editors for desired changes.

Content Minis pricing

Month-to-month customers: $500/month, paid in advance of services

Quarterly customer agreements: $1350/quarter (equivalent to $450/month), paid in advance of services

What you get each month:

  • Assigned Video Editor for 2 hours per weekday (excluding national holidays)

  • Revision requests with your assigned editor (the longer you work with your editor, the revisions process should be reduced)

  • 2 business days turnaround time for content delivery *For source files over 1 hour in length, additional time may be needed

  • Subtitle file in .srt or .vtt format

  • Onboarding call with your editor to determine content preferences and priority

  • For quarterly customers, a loyalty discount Is calculated to provide a reduced monthly fee

  • Approval of finished video assets

Content we create at Content Minis

  • YouTube Shorts

  • Instagram Reels

  • Caption Files

  • Instagram Carousels

  • Quote Posts

  • Pinterest Idea Pins

  • Video on Demand

  • Audiograms

  • Instagram Posts

  • TikToks

  • Square Facebook Video Posts

  • Twitter Videos

Who you'll be working with

You will be assigned an editor on a fractional basis. Each editor takes on a maximum of 4 customers.

Your editor works on your projects for 2 hours every weekday M-F, meaning you get 10 hours of editing every week.

You can communicate with your editor via email for any ideas, corrections, requests, or other correspondence.

How do I hire Content Minis?

We are so excited to work with you! To work with us, select an option below.

We will then contact you to learn more about your show and schedule your onboarding.